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Electricity Pylon

Ofgem sets out plans for local energy governance

On Wednesday 15 November, Ofgem published its decision on the future of local energy institutions and governance. Ofgem’s decision aims to reform local governance arrangements such as energy system planning, and includes the introduction of regional energy strategic planners (RESPs) to ensure there is appropriate accountability and effective coordination for strategic planning on a regional level.

Renewable Energy

Ofgem publishes assessment of locational wholesale pricing for GB

On Monday 30 October, Ofgem published a report setting out its key findings from assessing the potential impacts of introducing locational wholesale pricing in GB. The assessment looks to provide analysis and insight into how these market designs could work in GB. The report also includes a cost benefit analysis, a look into wider market and system impacts, and an assessment of the potential impact of locational pricing on consumers.

UK Parliament buildings.

Energy Act 2023 comes into force

On Thursday 26 October, the Energy Bill received Royal Assent and is now the Energy Act 2023. In a release on the same day, the government said that the Energy Act will transform the UK’s energy system by strengthening energy security, supporting the delivery of net zero and ensuring household bills are affordable in the long-term.