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Our services

Helping you understand and navigate the Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA)

Our expertise

Analysis of the whole value chain through consulting and insight reports

A near 20-year track record of expertise in market design and governance

Board level strategic and risk management advice

How we can help

Strategic evaluation: We provide an understanding of what REMA could mean for your business’ portfolio and focus your thinking as REMA develops. Our experts will cover what’s changing and what your options are with a focus on the implications specific to you. We will provide a wider sector analysis by industry sector, along with a timeline and likelihood for any changes.

Supporting you as REMA develops

We are here to support you as REMA develops in several ways:

Sector risk register: Based on your business’ portfolio and updated on a regular basis, with workshops included

Strategy and positioning: Support with ongoing positioning and strategic responses to REMA

Regular updates: Via our subscription portfolio, including our Daily Bulletin and more


Learn more about our upcoming training courses and related forums.


Our consultants are here to support you as REMA develops.

Our experts

Find out about our team of Cornwall Insight REMA experts.