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Our upcoming courses will help keep you updated on the newest developments and changes in REMA. Learn more by signing up for our training course, ‘Net zero transition: Future power markets’ or register for our next ‘Energy net zero forum’.

Net zero transition: Future power markets

Cornwall Insight’s online learning and development service can help with knowledge building on the emerging electricity market reform programme. Our Net zero transition: Future power markets course introduces a range of scenarios for the evolution of the GB electricity market to 2050, some of the technologies that may be required at scale to meet net zero, and delves into the options set out in REMA documentation. Our experts will explain how potential market arrangement may operate including ‘market splitting’, Locational Marginal Pricing, and options to support capacity adequacy and investment in new generation via variants of Contracts for Difference (CfDs).

Designed for:

  • Policy makers and regulatory specialists
  • Developers, investors and generators
  • Energy suppliers
  • People supporting and advising those in the energy industry

Energy net zero forum

Our online ‘Energy net zero forum’ offers members the opportunity to benefit from Cornwall Insight’s expertise and insight on energy policy, regulation and markets. The forum is aimed at large corporate and public sector consumers and individuals involved in energy management, procurement and CSR.

The forum will be supported by Cornwall Insight’s monthly insight report Energy net zero, which covers the key policy and regulatory changes and market innovations in the UK and elsewhere that will help deliver net zero targets.