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Government issues release ahead of second REMA consultation

UK Parliament buildings.

On Tuesday 12 March, the government released a statement, as part of the incoming second Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA) consultation, committing to support the building of new gas power stations. It states that the government will broadening existing laws requiring new gas plants to be built net zero ready and able to convert to low carbon alternatives in the future, such as carbon capture and hydrogen to power. It adds that these gas power plants will run less frequently as the roll out of low carbon technologies continues, noting this will deliver net zero while keeping cost down for bill payers. It highlights that the consultation also includes proposals to reduce bills across the country by looking at how different wholesale prices could better match supply and demand, with the release adding that a significant proportion of the UK’s energy is located away from areas of high demand. It states that the reforms could save households £45 off their yearly energy bill.

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