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New report published on accelerating UK’s net zero transition

On Tuesday 30 January, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) published a new report outlining a series of proposals for policymakers to help accelerate the UK’s transition to net zero. The report states that while the UK has one of the most substantial legal frameworks for climate change, policy gaps still remain – with many of the necessary policy measures involving changes to supply chains to customer and business behaviours. The BCC suggests five key recommendations to help the UK in its net zero transition. These include: a new public body to oversee the delivery of core climate policies; strengthening resources for the Climate Change Committee; a robust Green Industrial Strategy; a permanent cross-sector approach to green jobs; and quicker government action on financing the net zero transition through the tax system. In addition, the report also recommends linking the UK and EU emissions trading schemes, implementing energy grid upgrades, and establishing deeper business and government partnerships.

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