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UK Government publishes Scenario Deployment Analysis for LDES

Renewable Energy

On Tuesday 9 January, the UK Government published a Scenario Deployment Analysis for long-duration electricity storage (LDES). It notes that LDES could complement the use of intermittent renewables, such as solar and wind energy, in order to achieve the government’s ambition of reaching a fully low-carbon power sector by 2035. The government study, undertaken by LCP Delta and Regen, finds that LDES can reduce both emissions and system costs by allowing intermittent renewable power to be utilised more efficiently, with longer durations of LDES having a larger effects on these. The UK Government concludes that the reduction of LDES capital costs should be a key focus in helping to get these technologies to market. It also concludes that LDES can act as a risk mitigation for reduced delivery of other technologies. In addition, the study finds that there are greater benefits relating to emissions and system costs when LDES is added to the system with lower levels of gas carbon capture and storage and hydrogen deployment – noting that these technologies would be expected to play a similar role.

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