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Open letter on the Open Networks Project and unlocking flexibility

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On Friday 14 July, Ofgem published an open letter emphasising the importance of the Open Networks Project (ONP) for unlocking flexibility. The regulator acknowledged that while progress has been made to develop flexibility markets, unlocking the scale of flexibility necessary for achieving net zero requires significant changes. In response to stakeholders’ concerns about a risk of hiatus in the growth of flexibility markets, the regulator clarified that it sees no reason why progress should stall. Explicitly, Ofgem noted that it will clarify regulatory and policy questions that are inhibiting progress; will flag interdependencies between Ofgem’s work and the ONP; will support the implementation of the new ONP monitoring framework; and will contribute to target setting. The open letter also sets out the regulator’s expectations for the ONP across 2023 and 2024, and that it intends to publish a decision on future governance arrangements in autumn 2023.

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