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Views sought on future of Distributed Flexibility

On Wednesday 1 March, Ofgem published a call for input on the future of distributed generation flexibility. The regulator is seeking views on what distributed flexibility could do for the energy system, highlighting potential scenarios that could benefit future flexibility. The two simplified scenarios presented include a ‘parasitic’ energy system where additional generation and low voltage networks are required to support consumer energy resource (CER).

Consumers with CER would see benefits under this scenario, while all consumers (including those without CER) would share the additional costs. The second scenario describes an approach using high volumes of variable renewables, where CER owners are rewarded for service their assets provide, with consequential savings to be passed on to all consumers.

Ofgem additionally seeks views on archetypes proposed in the call for input which outlines what the infrastructure could look like by balancing desirability and feasibility. The regulator also seeks views on delivery considerations such as the use of existing infrastructure or building a new infrastructure. Responses requested by 10 May 2023.

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