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Catapult addresses BEIS on the prospects of REMA

On Monday 5 December, Energy Systems Catapult released a letter addressed to Graham Stuart, Minister of State indicating fundamental challenges to the energy system that the government should address if net zero goals are to be met. The group of stakeholders writing to BEIS are also engaged in the Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA) and suggest that REMA can support the government’s ambition of establishing a long-term solution to rising energy bills by delivering a net zero power system.

The challenges raised include increasing investment in renewables and other low-carbon technology, efficiently building and operating a high renewable power system, and optimising the usage of renewables by empowering customers to participate in, and benefit from, flexibility. The letter concludes with the stakeholders urging the government to ensure REMA remains focused on creating a digitally enabled market that works for climate and consumers as the best way to permanently decouple electricity prices from volatile international gas prices. 

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