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Views sought on additional information on CMP361 & CMP362

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On Tuesday 15 November, Ofgem issued a consultation on an update to its minded-to decision to approve CUSC modifications CMP361 & CMP362 BSUoS Reform: Introduction of an Ex Ante Fixed BSUoS Tariff & Consequential Definition Updates, specifically Workgroup Alternative CUSC Modification (WACM) 5 of CMP361 and the original proposal for CMP362 for implementation on 1 April 2023.

This follows a previous consultation which ran from 21 September until 20 October 2022, with this new consultation being a direct addition to the previous, addressing uncertainty and misunderstanding around the calculation of the size of the fund and its classification and the operation. Therefore, supplementary information is provided on the classification, operation, and estimated size of the fund, as well as the benefits of CMP361. Views are sought on this information for the appropriate elements of ex-ante BSUoS arrangements. Responses are requested by 30 November 2022.

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