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Podcast Series | Connecting the dots: REMA and power market design

In September, over 100 industry professionals met to hear our experts explore REMA, including how it may affect different kinds of businesses.

It included a panel discussion where Senior Modeller Tom Edwards, Senior Consultant Kate Mulvany from Cornwall Insight and Ross Driver, Director at Foresight debated the implications from the perspectives of power producers, suppliers, consumers and investors.

We recorded the discussion and split it into a series of easy to listen bite size parts. If you would prefer, you can also listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or an alternative podcast provider.

Find out more about how we can help you navigate REMA here or contact Robert on

Part 1: Dr. Daniel Atzori, Research Partner

Part 2: Adam Boorman, Principal Consultant

Part 3: Kate Mulvany, Senior Consultant

Part 4: Sarah Johnston, Head of Modelling

Part 5: Robert Buckley, Head of Relationship Development

REMA Event clips

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